Welcome at High Green International

Our Mission to provide you Morex Mini-ITX cases and powerkits

Our Mission

Welcome at High Green International.
We are here to provide you Morex Mini-ITX cases and powerkits.
These small form factor is suitable for all kinds solutions like Home Media Center,
Set Top Box, POS, Kiosk, Server, Thin Client, Smart Mini PC or Car entertainment

A selection from our offer

Why Highgreen?

On our website we try to provide you the pictures, specifications and further available information as clear as possible in order to make it as convenient as possible for you
to get convinced about Mini ITX.
Mini-ITX has a much lower powerconsumption compared to standard configurations,
so a green solution for your environment.
Email: info@auramedia.nl

Please visit also our partner website: www.auramedia.nl

Aura Media

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