Model: 2700


Color: Black
Dimensions: 63.5(H) x 295(W) x 288(D)
Mainboard Size (mm): 170x170mm
Front ports: USB (x2), Audio, Mic, 1394
Power kit: 60W

Device support
CD/DVD device: Slim type
HDD Device: 3,5" or 2,5"
FDD device: Slim type
PCI slots: 2
System fan: 6cm (x1)

Functional: Home Media Center, Set Top Box, Kiosk

Optional F.O.T.
Vesa Bracket, 1 port risercard, 2 port risercard, 80W powerkit
Optional F.O.B. Logo Print, Color, Your Own Front Panel-design (ask for the MOQ), 80W or 142.5W powerkit

This case comes standard with 60W Power Kit,
Slim CD Converter, Screw Bag, Stand, Power Cord.

1 pc     =   38.0 x    37.5 x    15.0 cms      4 Kgs
2 pcs   =   39.0 x    38.5 x    31.5 cms      7 Kgs
1 pallet = 120.0 x  100.0 x  203.0 cms  350 Kgs
1 pallet contains 100 pcs.

Categorie 27xx