Model: 6600


Color: Black
Dimensions: 258(H)x 194(W)x 190(D)
Mainboard Size (mm): 170x170mm
Front ports: N/A
Power Supply: 250W, with Auto Sensor Fan

Device support
CD/DVD device: 5,25" (x1)
HDD Device: 3,5" (x3)
FDD device: N/A
PCI slots

1x Low profile
1x Full height
System fan: Optional


Optional F.O.T.
Optional F.O.B. Logo Print, (ask for the MOQ), Case Fan, Risercard

This case comes standard with 250W Power Supply,
Power Cord and Assembley Guide.

1 pc   = 41.5 x   30.0 x   30.0 cms     4 Kgs
1 pallet = 120.0 x 100.0 x 200.0 cms 390 Kgs
1 pallet contains 96 pcs.

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